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The difference between a memorable and profitable event or one that blends in with other area events may come down to the auctioneer an organization chooses. 

Do you know what the most expensive decision your organization can make for your event? The decision to use someone other than a professional benefit auctioneer.

Organizations will pay to: rent a venue, hire a caterer, provide entertainment as well as decorations for the event. However, the area of the evening that is designed to actually raise the funds often becomes an after thought.  The committee has worked hard in planning in preparation and creating the expectations. So why then, would an organization decide to not use a professional benefit auctioneer.  Many organizations hesitate to bring in a professional benefit auctioneer for fear of an additional expense.  However, A Higher Calling Benefit Auctions not only will perform the live bid-calling and the Fund-a-Need portion of the evening, but also offer consultation for the other fundraising areas such as silent auction and raffles that will help the organization take the event to the next level. Often, organizations will find that these added elements cover the fee that is incurred many times over. 

At A Higher Calling Benefit Auctions, we understand that you only have one night per year for your organization to present your fundraising needs to supporters. AHCBA will provide ideas to your organization that will not only increase your bottom line but also create a memorable event that your guest will be talking about for some time after the event.  We specialize in crowd involvement and creating a fun and entertaining atmosphere all the while representing your organization as an advocate. 

As a professional benefit auction company, we specialize in conducting charity auctions for organizations of all sizes.  What this means to your organization, when we are contracted to conduct an auction, it is much more than just being the "voice of the event."  Our goal is not only the event taking place this year but to position your organization to grow for many events to follow. 

A Higher Calling Benefit Auctions is proud to hold membership in the National Auctioneers Association and the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association. Membership is these associations allows for continuing education and networking opportunities with top auctioneers and auction personnel throughout the country.  The benefit of these opportunities is that we are able to provide our non-profit clients the most current and profitable ideas to help maximize the effectiveness of their events. 

Auctioneer Toney Thornhill has earned the prestigious designation of Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) as well as the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS)

"It does not cost your organization to hire a professional benefit auctioneer, IT PAYS!!!"

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  • I am a proud contributor of the book listed to the left along with 49 auctioneers with specialized experience or training in fundraising.  This book will provide organizations tips and ideas from our side of the microphone that will help your event go above and beyond expectations.

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